MCB IF: Tailor-made for professionals in Mauritius and Africa

MCB IF: Tailor-made for professionals in Mauritius and Africa

What might have seemed to be just a wild dream in spite of MCB Group’s Chief Executive, Pierre-Guy Noël, hinting towards it during the Africa Forward Together conference (AFT) in Mauritius last September, the MCB Institute of Finance (MCB IF) is now a reality. A joint venture between MCB Group and Uniciti Education Hub, MCB IF was launched this March. MCB IF was born out of the idea of providing adapted courses to the reality of banking and finance professionals in Mauritius and Africa.

Why MCBIF? you may ask

We have decided to embark in the MCB IF project to bring together the best of the finance and educational strongholds of Mauritius. MCB, which has extensive experience in banking, finance and consulting, relies on its years of existence to gauge difficulties and needs regarding skills acquisition in those sectors. On the other hand, Uniciti Education Hub is a household name with a strong repute in the education field. This unique positioning makes MCB IF a first-class centre of attraction for financial professionals wishing to broaden the horizons of their knowledge.

An astute mix of both on-line courses and in class ones has been crafted, through a carefully selected network of partners such as the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, France, the Retail Banking Academy, UK and Emeritus Institute of Management, Singapore.

As such,

  • MCB IF does offers online courses in partnership with Emeritus Institute of Management, which delivers management programs in collaboration with MIT Sloan, but also Columbia Business School and Tuck School of Business at Darmouth which are part of the Ivy League.
  • Courses are also offered online through the Retail Banking Academy (RBA) and on campus by the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. The RBA, founded in London in 2011, is the only international, educational and professional organization focusing exclusively on retail banking. RBA is also ‘Triple E’ accredited by the European Banking and Financial Services Training Association which is a real guarantee of the quality of the certifications awarded, mindful that it does recognize years of professional experience and not just academic qualifications as an entry criteria for the varied courses.

Another crucial feature behind MCB IF’s inception is to make a telling contribution to the education sector, not just in Mauritius but also on the mainland Africa … Through MCB IF, we firmly intend to reinforce the position of Mauritius as a financial sector of excellence, which can nurture talented professionals, provide new impetus to the local and regional financial landscape, create new job opportunities and boost people’s careers. MCB IF is resolutely positioned as an educational platform with an international reach and all at a very affordable price.

Our will is to reshape tomorrow’s local and regional finance sector, in view of increasing the capabilities of our people. MCB IF can become a full-fledged education hub, with the ability to become the institute of finance for the region and mainland Africa. The stakes are high, the challenge is daunting, but the cause is noble and vital for the present and future of our continent…

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Jean-Michel Félix

CEO of MCB Consulting

Jean-Michel Félix joined MCB Group in 2004 as the Managing Director of Finlease Co Ltd, successfully completing its restructuring over almost 3 years. He further led 2 ½ years later the restructuring of the internal audit functions of the MCB Group where he drove a series of fundamental changes in strategy, process, scope and depth, transforming the Inspection BU into a Group Combined Assurance function. In parallel, Jean-Michel took over the ongoing implementation of a core banking system for MCB, following which set up a group project management office. Leveraging this experience, Jean Michel was entrusted in 2014 to launch MCB Consulting Services (MCBC), of which he is the current CEO as well as the brain father of MCB Institute of Finance (MCB IF). He is a fellow of the ACCA, a Certified Internal Auditor and is as well certified in Risk and Information Systems Control from ISACA.