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Thinking ‘Beyond Numbers’

Thinking ‘Beyond Numbers’

MCB being a bank, it’s quite obvious that our need to make profits is essential. Sustained growth is a prerequisite for any business. However, as the market leader in Mauritius relying on our 181-year long history, we firmly believe in accompanying the development of Mauritius, it is important that we must act for a better society and thrive for a sustainable planet! In order to do that, we need good numbers.

Why a bank should do that, you might ask. A year ago, in November 2018, we released our corporate sustainability programme, entitled Success Beyond Numbers. Under this programme, we have identified three pillars to promote sustainable development at large, namely contribute to a local and dynamic economy, promote our cultural and environmental heritage and act for the individual and collective well-being of Mauritians.

Following the publication of the Success Beyond Numbers report, MCB quickly set about putting into practice the various proposals that had been announced. In February last, MCB released the Lokal is Beautiful report, which probed into economic leaks and opportunities for the country’s long-held prosperity. At a country’s economy level, the aim is to keep external income move as much as possible in the economy before it leaves to create maximum wealth.

The Lokal is Beautiful report provided a strong foundation for the development of a holistic policy for the country’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in order to help them financially, while keeping into account the imperatives of sustainable development.

In addition, we have stepped up our efforts to promote sustainable development in various forms. In order to act positively in favour of local biodiversity, MCB has, for example, engaged with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to safeguard endangered endemic species. In order to emphasize our strong investment for a sustainable economy and world, last September, the Bank became one of the founding signatories of the UNEP Finance Initiative principles for responsible banking. This is yet another commitment of ours in our endeavours towards playing a crucial role in supporting sustainable development. MCB was the first bank of the Indian Ocean region to do so.

This set of initiatives clearly demonstrates our determination to make sustainable and inclusive development a key element of our growth strategy, for the well-being of people and the planet as a whole. And we won’t stop here.


Raoul Gufflet

Former Deputy Chief Executive, MCB Ltd

Raoul joined MCB Ltd in 2004 and left in December 2020. He has had a long experience in the debt market, helped set-up the MCB Equity Fund and was Head of International. In 2016, he was appointed Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking. He was a Board member of several entities within the Group: Société Générale Moçambique, MCB Madagascar, MCB Seychelles and MCB Maldives, amongst others.